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  • 町家レジデンスイン 日本
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the machiya villa THE町家ヴィラ Sanjo Shirakawa Koji
  • THE MACHIYA VILLA Sanjo Shirakawa Koji
  • THE MACHIYA VILLA Sanjo Shirakawa Koji
  • THE MACHIYA VILLA Sanjo Shirakawa Koji
  • THE MACHIYA VILLA Sanjo Shirakawa Koji
  • THE MACHIYA VILLA Sanjo Shirakawa Koji

Staying to live in Kyoto

the machiya villa 町家ヴィラ 京都三条白川-しらかわ そこは静かな白川のせせらぎを感じる空間

Introducing an intimate getaway that caters to guests who appreciate both traditional architecture, and the stylish design of the "Kyo-machiya" house. This luxury villa-compound consists of 4 traditional houses (individual rental units) -- each boasting a unique design and a chance to experience the unbelievable lifestyle of Kyoto.


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京都の宿ホテル町家 京都三条しらかわ小路入口イメージ
京都の宿ホテル町家 三条しらかわ小路

京都の宿町家三条しらかわ コンセプト

“The Machiya Villa: Sanjo Shirakawa Koji” falls under the Machiya Residence Inn brand -- providing visitors to Kyoto a unique experience of immersing within the city’s traditional local life. These 4 private machiya house-meets hotel hybrid re-captures the heart of Kyoto’s historical nature, while providing guests with the comforts and convenience of everyday life -- catering to all of the needs of the modern traveler.

Our Machiya Villa Houses

Each machiya house boasts a private entrance, “tsuboniwa” garden, and facilities such as a functional kitchen, internet access, washing/dryer machine, and more to make any guests’ stay feel at home. Reserve the entire Machiya Villa (4 units) for a larger group of family or friends, or choose to stay in one of the four beautifully reserved houses, to make your time in Kyoto unforgettable.

Experience the traditional Kyoto lifestyle

三条白川しらかわ 京を楽しむ


Northern Gion, Shirakawa River.

A river lined with the yanagi weeping willow trees, bright green in the spring, the flickering of fireflies in the summer, and a blanket of white snow in the winter. A short walk from the villa will lead you to the majestic changes in scenery through the seasons. A famous bridge, known as the Furukawamachi Bridge (古川町橋) provides a picturesque background to the machiya houses that sit along the Shirakawa River. Take a brisk morning stroll, or walk along the gently lit path that in the evening to soak up the tranquil atmosphere.

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STAY 町家ヴィラ 京都 宿泊案内



京都kyoto三条sanjo shirakawa STAY宿泊

Each of these individual houses has a unique design, which have been beautifully decorated by traditional karakami paper. Delicate washi paper (fine Japanese paper) that has been carefully hand-printed with wooden blocks -- known as karakami paper -- represent the rich history of the machiya house and city of Kyoto. From afar, the delicate karakami paper showcases a delicate design that glistens ever so slightly in the natural sunlight. However, when appreciated upon closer inspection, the rich character of Kyoto are revealed: delicate ume flowers, proud phoenix, free-flowing ocean waves, energetic rabbit, and more.