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Introducing an intimate getaway that caters to guests who appreciate both traditional architecture, and the stylish design of the “Kyo-machiya” house. This luxury villa-compound consists of 4 traditional houses (individual rental units) — each boasting a unique design and a chance to experience the unbelievable lifestyle of Kyoto.

THE MACHIYA VILLA: Sanjo Shirakawa Koji falls under the Machiya Residence Inn brand — providing visitors to Kyoto a unique experience of immersing within the city’s traditional local life. Located a 2 minute walk from Higashiyama Station (subway), our private machiya houses re-capture the heart of Kyoto’s historical nature, while catering to all of the needs of the modern traveler.

Each machiya house boasts a private entrance, “tsuboniwa” garden, and facilities such as a functional kitchen, internet access, washing/dryer machine, and more to make all guests’ stay feel at home. Reserve all 4 houses of THE MACHIYA VILLA for a larger group of family or friends, or choose to stay in one of the four beautifully preserved machiya to make your time in Kyoto unforgettable.

Each individual house has a unique design, which has been beautifully decorated by traditional karakami paper. Karakami is delicate washi paper (fine Japanese paper) that has been carefully hand-printed with wooden blocks. From afar, the karakami paper reflects a subtle design that glistens ever so slightly in the natural sunlight. However, when appreciated upon closer inspection, the rich history of the machiya house and city of Kyoto is revealed: delicate ume flowers, proud phoenix, free-flowing ocean waves, energetic rabbit, and more.





A river lined with the yanagi weeping willow trees, bright green in the spring, the flickering of fireflies in the summer, and a blanket of white snow in the winter. A short walk from the villa will lead you to the majestic changes in scenery through the seasons.

A famous bridge, known as the Furukawamachi Bridge (古川町橋) provides a picturesque background to the machiya houses that sit along the Shirakawa River. Take a brisk morning stroll, or walk along the gently lit path that in the evening to soak up the tranquil atmosphere.

THE MACHIYA VILLA is a short 9 minute walk from the Gion area, where you can explore Yasaka Shrine, Hanamikoji Street, and enjoy festivals in Maruyama Park.